Fulbourn Swifts

P1015202Now that the swift colony is well established in the new housing, a detailed full survey was not undertaken this year. However, more informal observations over the summer by John Willis, who has led the project from the start, suggest that it was another successful year for the birds. The Swift Watch Week in July included a well attended talk by Dick Newell of Action for Swifts, and swift workshops at the Primary School were enthusiastically received, including site visits to see the swifts in action. Also, for the first time, there are reports of swifts visiting nest boxes on other houses away from the main Grandridge Close/Swifts Corner area. We can also confirm that the project to install swift nest boxes behind the louvres on the west face of St Vigor’s tower has been successful with at least two of the boxes being occupied. Plans are now proceeding to install another eight boxes on the south face of the tower.

Nature Reserve Orchid Count June 2016


Helped by local volunteers, the orchids were counted in Ox Meadow, Long Fen, and East Fen. The farthest field, Four Acre, was not counted last year due to early grazing. As always the largest grouping of orchids was in East Fen although the numbers were significantly down from 2015. However, it should be noted that 2015 was an exceptional year when compared with the count taken since 2001, and it is thought that following a cold spring, the 2016 count might have been taken a week or two too early. The total count in 2016 was 1,367 comprising Marsh, Bee, Pyramid and Common Spotted – of that total the Marsh Orchids at 1,256 specimens dominate. Bee Orchids totalled 32, Pyramid 6 and Common Spotted 73.

Look out for the notice if you would like to help with the count in June this year.

News: Sustainable Foods and Scrapstore

Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub

Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF) is committed to creating a sustainable Food Hub in or around Cambridge. This project will have a significant and positive impact on the area in which it is located and the wider Cambridge area. It will enable new food businesses to start up and help to meet the food-related and social objectives that CSF has targeted.

The Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub crowd-funding appeal is now live. For detailed information and to support  the appeal go to: https://www.cambridgesustainablefood.org/cambridge-sustainable-food-hub-vision/

Cambridge Community Scrapstore

Unit 17, Barnwell Business Park, Barnwell Drive, Cambridge, CB5 8UZ

Fulbourn Forum are a member of the Cambridge Community Scrapstore, a project run by Cambridge City Council which aims to encourage recycling and reduce the carbon footprint of individuals and organizations. Members can collect a wide selection of recycled and reused materials that can be used for art, craft and play activities. Both Fulbourn Forum and Fulbourn Arts have made use of these facilities.

Individual membership is £5/annum and group membership £10/annum. For a £1 charge a large bag of materials can be taken (bags provided).

Opening times are every Wednesday (term time only) between 6.00pm and 7.30pm. Also on one Saturday afternoon each month between 1.30pm and 3.00pm – 14 January, 11 February, 11 March.

For more information please visit: https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/scrapstore

Grow Your Own Group

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis group of friendly fruit and veg growers will continue to hold informal meetings through the winter in the Six Bells saloon bar from 7.30 to 9.00pm. Do join us for a drink and to talk fruit and veg, exchanging ideas and experience. The group also looks after the village community herb beds. The next three meetings are:

Monday 6 February

Monday 6 March

Monday 3 April

For more information please contact Fulbourn Forum by email or John Willis on C881103.

Fulbourn Open Gardens 2017

img_0553Saturday and Sunday, 17 and 18 June

Calling all Fulbourn Gardeners…..

If you are keen to open your garden or would like to know more before committing then please attend the Drop-in Session on Thursday 2 February, any time between 7.00 and 8.30pm, at 19 Station Road.

Every other year, village gardeners open their gates to raise money for Fulbourn Primary School, this time to help equip new classrooms. Whether your garden is large or small, just begun or long-established, tidy or wild, full of colour or simply a green space, you are welcome to help provide a weekend of garden variety right across the village. There’s always a need for both new and returning gardeners. Almost everyone who opens their garden is initially hesitant but then delighted by the positive feedback and enthusiasm of the many visitors, many of whom come back time after time.

The new Open Gardens Team are:img_3566

Karen Downs, Tamsin Fry, Matt Hurles, Carol Friend, Sarah Konig and Pauline Jakes. For more information please contact

Carol – cam.friend@me.com / C701755

Sarah – skonig@hotmail.co.uk / C529326

Pauline – poingdestre@btinternet.com / C882394


Repair Cafes

Saturday 28 January, 2.00 – 5.00pm, Scout & Guide HQ, Woollard’s Lane, (behind Memorial Hall), Gt Shelford

Saturday 25 March, 2.00 – 5.00pm, Sawston (venue to be confirmed)

It is best to book your item in – find out more and fill in the form at www.repaircafe.org.uk/southcambs. More general information about all Cambridgeshire Repair Cafes can be found at www.repaircafe.org.uk

The first Repair Cafe of the ‘southern villages group’ held in Fulbourn on 24 September 2016 was a great success. A lovely atmosphere, good satisfaction for both repairees and repairers, splendid refreshments, and great helpers. In all, there were 10 repairers and seven other helpers (cafe, admin etc). 38 items were brought in for repair by 38 people. 23 were repaired, one was partly repaired, and 14 could not be repaired on the day but advice was given. The very positive feedback included:

The Repair Cafe has been a godsend. I am on a low income and was able to bring in things that I couldn’t bear to throw away and can now use again. Lovely friendly people

Delighted. Jay was able to diagnose the problem, isolate and remove the old capacitor, so it now works as it should.

I was very impressed by the  professionalism and perseverance of the repairer.”

The items repaired were wide ranging and included such things as a food mixer, school trousers, bike, clock, trecking pole, lamps, jewellery, sewing machine, dress, and a printer. Mackays (East Road, Cambridge) have created a tool kit for Repair Cafes which is kept at the shop and then loaned out free of charge. Fulbourn Forum plan to do a further Repair Cafe in Fulbourn later this year. New repairers are always welcome – please contact Fulbourn Forum in the first instance if you are interested.

Bus Services No17 and No18


As of 4 January 2017 there were important changes to the timetable of the No17 bus service, and from 17 January to the No18 bus service.

The fully commercial, unsubsidised, No17 service by Stagecoach has been running four times a day (Monday to Saturday, two-hourly) from the Fen Estate, Chesterton via the Grafton Centre and the Beehive Centre, to Fulbourn (High Street and White Hart), and then returning to the Fen Estate. In addition, a single early morning run of the No17 came from Stetchworth, through Fulbourn (Six Bells, 07.57hr) and the Beehive Centre/Grafton Centre to the City Centre, returning from the City Centre at 17.45hr back to Stetchworth, again via the Beehive Centre/Chesterton Road and Fulbourn.

The two-hourly day-time service has now been discontinued leaving just the early morning service from Stetchworth to the City Centre, and the late afternoon service from the City Centre to Stetchworth. There is no longer a link to Chesterton. The two remaining No17 services, run through Fulbourn, in the morning (Monday to Friday) leaving the Six Bells at 07.39hr (earlier than before), and in the late afternoon leaving Emmanuel Street at 18.00hr (later than before). The corresponding times on Saturday are 07.57hr and 17.45hr.

Discussions have taken place with County but, being a commercial service, they have no control and no resources for subsidies. However, it has been confirmed that the subsidy for the No18 service by Whippet Coaches, three times a week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) to Newmarket will continue for at least another year (until April 2018), and County have been able to negotiate a small change to the route which will provide a partial replacement (indirect) link to the Beehive Centre and the Grafton Centre via Newmarket Road, Cambridge.

The No18 service will now commence in Little Wilbraham at 09.30hr, stop at the Six Bells, Fulbourn at 09.40hr, before continuing through Teversham to the City Centre (Drummer Street Bus Station) via Newmarket Road. Stops in Newmarket Road will give access via a short walk to the Beehive Centre and the Grafton Centre – the buses cannot use Coldhams Lane because the double-deckers are unable to get under the railway bridge. Arriving in the City Centre at 10.08hr, the bus will leave at 10.15hr to return along the same route to Teversham, Fulbourn (10.40hr, High Street) and the Wilbrahams, then to Newmarket, arriving at 11.10hr. The bus returns from Newmarket at 13.30hr arriving in Fulbourn at 14.00hr before continuing to Cambridge, arriving 14.28hr. The bus then returns to Teversham only, arriving 14.53hr. Anyone wishing to return to Fulbourn from the Beehive Centre or Grafton Centre can catch the Stagecoach No3 service in Newmarket Road (heading in the City Centre direction).

Fulbourn Fen Nature Reserve Work Parties

 Winter work party dates:
Meet at 10.00am at the car park at the end of Stonebridge Lane by the entrance into the Reserve. Work Parties finish around 12.30 to 1.00pm. Please wear stout footwear and suitable gloves for potentially rough work. Hot drinks and biscuits will be provided. The Work Parties are organized by the Wildlife Trust under the control of the local Volunteer Wardens, Peter Montgomery and Anthony Godsell. A great way to get to know your local Reserve.
Sunday 4 December
Sunday 8 January
Sunday 5 February
Sunday 5 March

Fulbourn’s Christmas Community Market

1407250_15224597Saturday 10 December 2016, 2.30 to 5.00pm in the Townley Hall at the Fulbourn Centre, Home End

Don’t finish your Christmas shopping until you have visited your local market, brimming with Xmas gifts and goodies, as well as the usual fare!

It will be another full market packed with food (artisan bread, cakes, mince pies, buns, tarts, and savouries, including some gluten free baked items. Organic fruit and veg, jams, chutneys and honey, and other local produce) and drink (Fulbourn’s Moonshine Brewery bottle conditioned ales and Fulbourn apple juice); handmade crafts, fine art, original prints, cards, and affordable jewellery; crafted home, table and fabric gifts; home decorations, lamps, pottery, wood turned articles, toys, and nursery items; handmade natural lotions, deodorants, soaps and cosmetics; and natural health personal use products and supplements. And more….

And not forgetting a good selection of Anne Chege’s Christmas wreaths and seasonal table decorations – some being made on the day. If you know what you would like, please order in advance by 30 November to help ensure adequate materials. Contact Anne on 880564 or anne.chege@btinternet.com.

Again this year, there will be free activities for children making Christmas crafts on the stage – so bring the family (and plenty of bags), have a great afternoon, and stay to enjoy refreshments at the WI café (the best cakes in town?).

Please note the dates for the 2017 Markets: 11 March, 10 June, 9 September, 9 December. For more information please contact David Cottee on 880616 or fulbournforum@gmail.com


Appeal against the refusal of planning permission for development between Cow Lane and Teversham Road

IMG_2656Terrific news! We have just heard that the Appeal against the refusal of planning permission for the development of 110 dwellings on the two fields between Cow Lane and Teversham Road (behind Poor Well) has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector.

The last paragraph of the judgement by David Wildsmith, Inspector, reads:
139. My overall conclusion, therefore, is that the appeal proposal would be in conflict with the development plan and would not be sustainable development. The adverse impacts of the proposed development would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits which would arise from this development and I therefore conclude that this appeal should be dismissed.

We shall send further details of the appeal hearing and the full judgement once we have been able to read and analyse the document. Our heartfelt thanks go to all those (and there are many) who have contributed, in whatever way, to this successful outcome – it has been an over two years long fight. Unfortunately, we must also report the very sad news that our planning expert, George Crutcher, who contributed so much with his tireless and professional work in representing the village, died on 15 October 2016 from an aortic aneurysm. Our delight at the Appeal dismissal is tempered by George’s untimely passing.